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What Can a Paper Notebook Record?

What Can a Paper Notebook Record?

2022-11-14 11:52:43
The advancement of technology has brought great convenience to our lives. People have gradually become accustomed to the convenience brought by the intelligent generation, and generally use computers and mobile phones to take notes. Paper notebooks are also slowly being forgotten.
But in fact, paper notebooks still have many advantages that cannot be replaced by electronic notepads. Let's see what types of content can be recorded with a paper notebook!

Features of paper notebooks


Advantages: not limited to the format, you can write at will, which is convenient for recording inspiration. It has a traditional writing experience, and the years are quiet.


Disadvantages: inconvenient for sorting and sorting, difficult to find waste paper, not environmentally friendly.


Advantages: easy to store, classify and search, you can carry it with you, you can view it at multiple ends and share it with others, no paper is required, and it is more environmentally friendly.


Disadvantages: limited to the format, difficult to record sudden inspirations, devices such as touchpads are more expensive, lack the feeling of paper writing, and are easily distracting.


What can be recorded in a notebook?


✔️Time and task management


Things like to-dos for the day, important reminders, etc. all fall into this category.


✔️Activity record content


Such as meeting minutes, lecture notes, training records, etc.


✔️Personal output content


For example, your inspiration records, article ideas, thesis outlines, etc., can be classified as personal output content.


✔️Scattered information records


For example, for temporary needs, record the customer's phone number, the address of a restaurant, etc., and classify them as scattered information records.


According to the above situation, in order to keep our notes in good order, the best way is to set up different partitions in different parts before using it when getting a new notebook. Generally, there are about 3-4 partitions. Use sticky notes or a shelf to separate them.

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