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Do You Know the Wax Seal?

Do You Know the Wax Seal?

2022-10-25 11:13:38

When watching some old European movies, there is often a scene where the protagonists sit at their desks and open secret letters with a letter opener. The scarlet wax seal intaglio on the envelope is mysterious and elegant. Today, let's unveil the mysterious veil of wax seals.


was seal stamp (24).jpg


Origin of wax seal


The wax seal, also known as the enamel seal, was a seal for sealing letters that flourished in Europe in the 16th century. It is often used to paste documents or confidential information, and can also be used as a unique identification mark.


At that time, the wax seal was a sealing tool belonging to nobles and royal families; Now, the it is no longer the patent of the nobility but has become civilian stationery that everyone can own.


And now the application of wax sealing is not only limited to sealing documents but also has the function of decoration. Stickers that emphasize texture will use wax seals as decorations, and they can also be used as hand hangings.




The earliest wax seal was made by using beeswax and Venetian turpentine, and adding vermilion color; Now it uses resin, shellac, and Venetian rosin as the formula.


In the past, the classic vermilion was the brand of wax bars, but now there are various colors.


Different color wax bars can also represent different document attributes. For example, the British royal family used wax seal colors to distinguish different documents.




  1. Select the color of the wax bar you like and cut the required amount.


  1. Put the cut wax block into the spoon and heat it to melt the wax bar.


  1. Take out the letter that needs to be sealed with wax, and pour the newly melted wax into the opening of the envelope.


  1. Take out the wax seal and put it under the wax oil. Wait five seconds before picking it up.


  1. The seal with super texture will be completed!
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