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What Are the Advantages of Pet Sticky Notes?

What Are the Advantages of Pet Sticky Notes?

2022-06-10 17:03:52

Compared to ordinary paper sticky notes, PET sticky notes have the following advantages.


sticky notes


Can be stuck repeatedly


In the process of daily use of sticky notes, many people will have this experience, sticky notes sticky once no sticky, or over time will automatically fall off. The PET sticky notes produced by Dongguan Jie printing not only can be repeatedly sticky, and without the influence of external forces, will not lose stickiness with the passage of time. This is because the paper sticky notes will absorb moisture, while the PET material will not be affected.




PET material is actually a kind of plastic, therefore, the PET sticky notes produced by Dongguan Zhongjie Printing can be waterproof, avoiding the embarrassing situation of water stains on the sticky notes in daily life.


Will not tear


In the process of using sticky notes, if you do not pay attention when tearing sticky notes, it will be easy to tear the sticky notes, affecting the use. The PET sticky notes produced by Dongguan Jie printing will not be torn, and will not be curled or easily folded, and can be kept flat for a long time.




For those who want to mark the book, transparent PET sticky notes are very convenient, will not affect the content of the book itself to obscure, can also be convenient to mark, does not affect the use.

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